For Reiki and Biofeedback Workshops

Wow!!! Your talk was absolutely TERRIFIC!! So interesting and appreciated by the scientists and nonscientists alike…. you did such a wonderful job of presenting the material in a way that no background was needed, but that those who knew a little more could hear the message at a slightly higher level. Your audience was completely riveted and engaged.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Your presentation was “spot on” … just couldn’t have been better!
— Jeannette D. Hoit, PhD, CCC-SLP
Professor, Dept. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Arizona

Both my and my wife’s stress levels have been lower since our biofeedback sessions with you. Thanks again!
— Gary Gillum

You’re doing GREAT work.  I love the idea of being able to detect which heart is entraining which by using hearts of different sizes.  Now perhaps it would make sense to go back to the rats and see if the person is entraining the rat…..  At THAT point, I think that you might be able to publish in a mainstream Physiology journal with a plausible mechanism…

In peace and love,
— Cheryl Ritenbaugh, PhD, MPH, Professor, Family & Community Medicine

I wanted to tell you about my practical application of biofeedback!

At a recent herding trial, another trialer mentioned advice she’d been given at a huge trial: 10 deep breaths before starting your run. The theory is that with 10 breaths the adrenaline rush changes from flight to fight, resulting in intense focus. I thought of you and did that before every run that weekend, using the breathing you had taught me. It was the best trial experience I’ve had in years – enormously successful and really fun, and I can hardly wait for the next one. May everything be great with you!
— Jan Stark, Editor, AHSC, Office of Public Affairs

Gary and I really enjoyed your workshop.  I have been giving Reiki to my roses and they are already showing improvement!!  Last night I gave myself Reiki and did not need to read before going to sleep.  I ALWAYS read before going to sleep but last night I just nodded out after the Reiki.  Thank you so much for your workshop.  We are enjoying benefits already.
— Laura Gibson

I so enjoyed your talk last week, Ann. You inspired me so much to continue trusting how I do my work! xo
— Vonnie Schultz Albrecht, RN

Keep up the good work; we need more people like you and those you help.
— Gail Jaffe

I think it is great what you are doing to get the awareness of Reiki out there.  I did some Reiki on myself last night and did feel the energy right away.
— Marilyn Day

Reiki Radio Program: fabulous! so exciting Ann….very proud of all you have done and quite an inspiration.
— Rebecca Thompson, Pendulum Studios

People have told me that “Yin Yang” gives them a feeling of balance and peace, and with the addition of HeartMath, I have more ability to access it than I had thought possible. Truly, this work holds so much promise for me, it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed everything about working with you: your gentle way of speaking, your grasp of the scientific foundations, your warmth and acceptance, and your simple way of explaining everything.
— Karen J. Andrews, Inner Vision Studio

Tonight Arizona Illustrated just finished and with a spectacular piece about your work! Congratulations! I was especially interested to actually see the energy at work by measurable means, though seeing is believing is not necessarily one of my guidelines….more like feeling is believing… I’m working on my musicians’ health idea and do have an inquiry to Anita.
— Barbara Chinworth

Best of luck. You are a very non-confrontational teacher of the methods and should be very successful.
— Pat Frederick, DVM

It was a very special weekend for me. I feel that I have a choice now in my health and happiness. Thank you.
— Lynn Mariucci

Thank you for your wonderful presentation and demonstrations to the IONS Tucson Community Group. From the reaction of those present, it was obvious that everyone loved I, and the feedback we got was great! Making available, in an organized fashion, the kind of presentation of biofeedback you orchestrated was not an easy task but was so very worthwhile. Your presentation – light, fun, serious, informative and stimulating, all rolled into one – was really well received.
— Susan H. Cooper, Community Group Coordinator

I want to thank you so much for taking the time and effort to teach me about Reiki. It is truly going to be a new pursuit of mine in the future, and I feel very lucky to have been taught by you.
— Renee Baily

I had a wonderful four days in Arizona and wanted to thank you for all you did for me and taught me. I have my certificate on the wall and I am not at all into certificates but I like having it there. I did Reiki on a friend of my daughter and afterwards he said he felt “relaxed and energized”.
— Katherine Spetner

For teaching Psychoneuroimmunology to students at University of Arizona

I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the best professors I have had here at the U of A. I know that I speak for many of us students when I say we are sad to see you go. I have truly enjoyed all of your lectures and the meditation.
— Sommer Aldulaimi

I really enjoyed the topics you went over and you have been one of the best teachers I have had at the U of A throughout both my degrees.
— Andrew Epstein

Thanks so much Dr. Baldwin! I really enjoyed your class, your teaching style, and your practical application of science. I am actually teaching my 7-yr old the deep breathing technique.
— K. Mwamba