We have a labyrinth at Mind-Body-Science, Tucson Arizona. Everyone who comes for a Reiki, Biofeedback, Tension Release Exercise session or workshop can enjoy the peaceful serenity that walking the labyrinth brings, in addition to their treatment. Our labyrinth is a classical seven-circuit Troy Town labyrinth that symbolizes the seven chakras.


This type of labyrinth originated in Scandinavia about 2000 years ago but is also found in Germany, England and now Tucson! It is said the name Troy Town was given because, in popular legend, the walls of the city of Troy were constructed in such a confusing and complex way that any enemy who entered them would be unable to find their way out. But the Troy Town labyrinth should not to be confused with a maze, which has several dead ends; a labyrinth is a curving voyage that leads from a point outside the design towards the centre of the labyrinth. Some see the centre of a labyrinth as a point outside of time, an observation which was recognized by the Hopi Indians, who use the labyrinth shape as the symbol of a place of emergence, where access to other realms becomes possible: a sacred space that creates a gateway through time, to communicate with higher power.

Once, Mind-Body-Science Director, Ann Baldwin, was attending an equine therapy conference in Prescott, Arizona, and one activity was to lead horses through a huge labyrinth on the property. There were 5 or 6 horses walking the labyrinth simultaneously. The horse she chose to lead was very noisy, neighing at all his friends, but the minute she took him into the labyrinth, he was perfectly quiet for the whole walk. We hope some of you can come and experience similar peace and quiet by walking our labyrinth.