Bio-Well Scanning


The Bio-Well illustrates the state of person’s stress level by using “Gas Discharge Visualization” (also known as ElectroPhotonic Imaging, Kirlian Photography, etc.) to stimulate emission of photons and electrons from the skin of the fingers. The process is completely painless. Images are produced that are captured by the camera system and indicate the state of the autonomic nervous system. The images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the body, based on Chinese energy meridians.
Your emotional state, energy state and stress levels can be monitored in response to Reiki, breath work and other physical and mental activities. The Bio-Well was developed by an international team led by Konstantin Korotkov and it is not an approved medical or scientific instrument or a diagnostic tool.
Bio-Well scanning sessions last one hour and include analysis, recommendations and a full report. Cost is $85.