Welcome to Mind Body Science

Thank you for visiting us at Mind-Body-Science. It’s time for you to relax! De-stress!  To experience cutting-edge technology that will allow you to re-balance and begin enjoying your life again.

A lifelong dedication to the field of Physiology and an interest in alternative healing options have culminated in the formation of MindBodyScience – pulling together the traditions and practices of Reiki and coupling them with the latest technologies and techniques of Biofeedback. We now offer a third stress-reducing therapy: Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE ™). Dr. Baldwin is a certified Level 1 Facilitator of TRE.

We sincerely believe that whenever we can provide a person with information about their own unique biological processes, we can empower them through this awareness to more effectively manage their physiological and psychological well-being.

We offer Reiki, Biofeedback and TRE techniques to help you de-stress so you can better focus on your goals and improve performance whether related to work, sport or self-improvement.


The MindBodyScience Mission

As a consultant, teacher and researcher, Ann Baldwin, PhD explains the science behind Reiki and Biofeedback, gives practical demonstrations so you can see and feel them working, and then teaches you how to make them work for yourself. She aims to help you Bring out the Beauty in you and all you do.

Reiki sessions and attunements, Biofeedback consultations and Tension Release Exercises are available for individuals. Reiki and Biofeedback seminars and group workshops are available for businesses and other organizations.