Recent Workshops/Seminars

These are recent workshops/seminars that have been a great success but are not currently on the Mind-Body-Science calendar. Please send a message if you would like us to set up one of these workshops in the near future.

Exploring Your Heart’s Field with Horses and Art at Rancho Luz

Using special sensors, see how breath control and certain meditations optimize your heart’s energy field. Experience how your heart’s biofield communicates with horses and then express your feelings through color with artist and photographer Michael Stoklos.
Click here for more details.
See short video showing parts of workshop.

What on earth shall I eat? Working with the Mind and Heart Workshop

This workshop will include a presentation by Sheila Shea, MA, Intestinal Institute, about how various diets and menus incorporate the different food groups – that way you’ll have the information to choose which diets are right for you. Dr. Ann Baldwin will then teach you a meditation technique to help you access your intuition and tune into which foods your body really needs. A movement/exercise session and a healthy snack are also included. Click here for more details.

Reiki and Science Workshop

Reiki is a Japanese word that means spirit-guided life energy and is used to reduce stress, pain and anxiety. Join Ann Baldwin, PhD, Research Professor of Physiology, University of Arizona and Usui Reiki Master, to learn about scientific experiments that show the power and possible limits of Reiki. Click here for more information

Learning from Horses: Teachers of Mindfulness and Sensory Awareness

Join Ann Baldwin, PhD, and Linda Kohanov, the founder of Epona Equestrian Services and discover how the heart’s electro-magnetic field communicates with other living beings.  You will also learn techniques to create more fulfilling relationships at home and at work.  And much, much more. Click here for more details.

Biofeedback Massage Combination

If you’re tired of being stressed and would like to learn how to modulate your inner state and shift your life experience toward a calmer, healthier modality then this is a “can’t miss” workshop for you.

This special opportunity combines massage and biofeedback to help you recognize and practice a new way of being. Click here for more details.